Success Story - Bad Credit Business Loan for Cafe Industry - Amount $75K

Case Description


This client was trying to apply for a business loan to buyout his partner’s interest in the business. However, due to having a low credit score with few credit defaults in the past, the client was struggling to obtain a loan.

The client felt very helpless and decided to reach out to us at the last moment without having any expectations in mind.


As the client only approached late, he was in urgent need of funds, and we knew that we have to act quickly in the limited time. Even though we received the details of the client late, our lending specialists managed to analyse the details in a short time and present the client’s case professionally.

Finally, we successfully secured a bad credit business loan from one of our lending partners.

More importantly, we listened to the client’s requirements and made sure the loan term fit the client’s needs.


The client was surprised by how we presented his case and helped secure ideal funding for him. Moreover, these are all done in a short time that the client was not expecting. He was very grateful and satisfied at the end.

At Broc finance, we believe that every business has different strengths apart from weaknesses and we highlight that to make it qualify for a loan.

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What are the benefits of bad credit Business Loan?

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FAQ's About Bad Credit Business Loans

With the advent of technology, the loan application has become simple and paperless without any hassle to take any printouts. All you need is to submit some basic details related to your business by completing the online application form and last 6 months bank statement of your business through a secured link provided by us. Additional documents may be requested depending on the type of business loan you are applying for.

Yes, for most cases. However, different lenders will analyse your application and evaluate it based on their own set of criteria. For example, your bank may refuse to grant a business loan with adverse credit history because of the risk you pose as a borrower, but some lenders may approve your application solely on the basis of your current business cash flow and revenue.

To get a secured bad credit business loan, all you need to have is an ABN and free equity in your property.

To get an unsecured bad credit business loan, you need to meet some basic qualification criteria such as:

  • Have an active ABN;
  • Be operating for more than 6 months; and
  • Be turning over more than $5,000 per month in the last 6 months.

Not necessarily. You can avail unsecured business loan with a bad credit history if your company’s existing cash flow is robust and can pass the serviceability criteria. However, a security will always help you receive a higher loan amount with a better rate.

Yes. It is quite likely that you'll be able to repay your bad credit business loan early, but you should check your loan agreement carefully before doing so to see if there are any early payment charges or penalties. If there are, repaying the loan sooner than expected may do more harm than good.

The lenders understand the nature of urgency for business owners. You may get the funds into your account within 3-4 hours as well. On average it generally takes 24-48 hours to get an unsecured business loan approved.

Lenders would run a credit check only after obtaining a consent from you which is present in the terms and conditions of most of the lenders and you’ll need to agree before submitting the application. At Broc Finance, we can get an indicative quote from the lender prior to starting a formal application with the lender which would save upfront credit check on your file in case you do not meet the lending criteria of the lender.

The loan application is obligation free and there are no application costs involved. You’ll be charged an origination fee only after your loan is approved and disbursed into your account. The origination fees differ from lender to lender and generally ranges between 2%-4% of the loan amount. The origination fee is a one-off fee and is on top of normal interest charged on the loan amount. Please contact us if you wish to know more details.

At Broc Finance, we endeavour to get the most adequate facility suitable to the business requirements of our clients. In most of the cases logged in through us, we try to get an indicative offer from the lender for our client’s consideration before proceeding with formal application and consent to credit check. This approach helps our clients to avoid unwanted rejections and credit checks which can significantly impact their credit score.

We would be happy to answer, if you have any other questions. Please contact us.


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