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What is Forklift Finance?

Enterprises involved in heavy-lifting and transporting goods, like construction, warehouses, recycling operations, dockyards, etc., require forklifts. It helps them to execute their day-to-day operations smoothly. However, buying or even leasing industry-grade equipment like a forklift can be expensive for a business owner. So, what does one do when there is a financial deficit in the company? The easy way out will be to apply for forklift finance under asset financing options. 

Forklift finance enables enterprises to secure funding for the purchase and leasing of forklifts to deliver their business obligations. 

If you are facing difficulty finding the right lender to get the necessary funds, then Broc Finance can help facilitate the loan utilizing its network of credible lenders across Australia.  

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Alexander Pacitto
Alexander Pacitto
Saroj was fantastic in getting finance organised for my business. Efficient, responsive and concise. Recommend.
Arjuna Gunasekara
Arjuna Gunasekara
Callum Baxter
Callum Baxter
Vicky Angelucci
Vicky Angelucci
Quick, efficient and easily understood our needs as a small business. Thank you Saroj.
Raphael Mamudi
Raphael Mamudi
Saroj is a life saver. I’ve never met such a genuine and more passionate person about their job. He has absolutely gone above and beyond for me and my business and am so grateful our paths crossed. Thank you brother!
Shey Bhatti
Shey Bhatti
They are the best, I was having defaulted credit application and they sorted me with quick funds to resolve my issues, Also the best part they removed my Default flag on credit file. Many thanks SAROJ
Josh Zhang
Josh Zhang
Dealing with Saroj is nice and easy. He is really professional and diligent ☺ The process is so smooth, I just need to provide all the details then it's done.
Kate Tiller
Kate Tiller
Saroj was incredibly efficient and made this whole process so simpleand easy., I was thrilled to have my approval so quickly and managed so well. I highly recommend Saroj and this team any day of the week! Kate
As a Small Business owner of AA DOOR SERVICES, i would like to thank Sanroj for his help for my financial need with regards to Cash Flow so i can scale up and grow my business. Sanroj was very helpful from the minute i spoke to him over the phone. He walked me through it every step of the way to help me out and speed things up. Overall, a friendly guy and i did not feel pressured while i was on the phone with him. Everything went so smooth and within the duration of 48 hours maximum, the money was in my Business Account. Definitely recommend Broc Finance. Thanks again Sanroj Kind Regards, Alden Arrighi AA DOOR SERVICES
Ng Family Enquiry
Ng Family Enquiry

What are the Features of Forklift Finance?

Here are the key features of forklift finance:

  • Forklift finance applies to both new and used equipment from private sales and dealers.
  • Both secured and unsecured financing options for the borrower.
  • Flexible repayment amount.
  • Fixed monthly payments and competitive interest rates.
  • Loan term remain flexible from 3 to 7 years.
  • Forklift finance is tax-deductible, and hence a business can earn tax benefits from it.
  • Both business owners and sole traders can benefit from forklift finance.

What are the Advantages of Forklift Finance?

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Securing forklift finance for your business has multiple advantages, some of them are listed as follows:

  • It’s a cost-effective way of financing a significant asset for the company without depleting the existing capital and cash flow. Financing options like forklift loans allow flexible payments that make it easier for the business outfits with limited funds.
  • The regular payments towards forklift finance to the lender improve the credit history. It paves the way for easier loan approval with better rates and loan terms in the future.
  • Forklift finance allows smooth operations for enterprises that require forklift support for improved productivity. The business owner can earn significant profits and pay off the loan on time.
  • The flexibility of the forklift loans allows you to decide the repayment amount as per your ability, so it does not impact your monthly income and profit margin in the form of expensive payments.
  • Purchasing a forklift gets listed as an expense on the balance sheet and not a liability like other forms of financing. It can be proof of a healthy company for investors.

How to Apply for Forklift Finance?

Applying for forklift finance is easy enough when collaborating with Broc Finance. Follow the steps below.  

  • Fill out the application form with the necessary details and submit the required financial documents.
  • Our team will assess your docs and reach out to you to discuss your options.
  • After discussing with you, we connect with the lenders deemed fit for the loan.
  • After due diligence on all aspects, you get an approval from the lender.
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It is the standard protocol we follow when a client applies for forklift finance. However, if there are any complications like lack of necessary documents, lesser trading history, or bad credit score, then our team can do an obligation free personal consultation and see to it that you get the much-needed financing aid. 

How Can Broc Finance Help?

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Broc Finance has earned its reputation as one of fastest growing finance brokers in Australia, helping businesses secure financing solutions for their capital and cash-flow issues. Our clientele includes diverse enterprises, small and big alike, even new companies, start-ups, sole traders, etc.

Our job is to facilitate the loan by connecting our clients with the perfect lenders, ready to offer the best interest rates, repayment amount, and loan terms. We have an extensive network of credible lenders across the Australian capital structure, with which we match our clients, after analysing their financing issues. 

Why choose us?

  • We facilitate personalized business financing solutions like forklift finance for all kinds of businesses.
  • Our experts ensure consistent growth and cash flow for your business.
  • We support you in getting access to funds as fast as possible within 24 hours.
  • Help you get a loan even with a low credit score and without any assets.

If you have any queries regarding our portfolio of services, feel free to reach out to our experts at Broc finance.

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