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What are Used Asset and Equipment Financing?

Financial stability is the lifeline-blood of any business. However, establishing and maintaining it can be harder than one anticipates during economic volatility. Enterprises, especially the ones belonging to the small and mid-level sector, often fall short of finances, or a sudden cash-flow deficit might create a financial emergency. During such times, the business owners can rely on used asset and equipment to fund their growth.

If you are seeking used asset and equipment finance from a reliable lender, we can help! Broc Finance is one of the fastest growing finance brokers in Australia, with more than a decade of management experience serving business owners of small and mid-level enterprises to acquire funding. We can facilitate the used asset and equipment finance through 50+ lenders who specializes in asset financing.

Can Used Asset and Equipment Finance Boost Business Growth?

Business owners seeking growth often shy away from making necessary investments or expenses towards the same over financial concerns. Growing your business by acquiring used asset and used equipment is a good way to manage once cash flows. It does not require one to stretch out the company capital with an already cash-flow gap. 

On the contrary, the sudden boost of cash flow through deployment of assets acquired through used asset and equipment financing can give your business much needed growth. With the finances taken care of, the business can improve the infrastructure, upgrade it to attract more clients, hire new people to increase productivity, and likewise.

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What are the Advantages of Used Asset and Equipment Finance?

If you are thinking of the benefits, there is more than one that you can enjoy by accessing used assets and equipment finance. 

  • It gives you fast access to financing even with bad credit history and minimum documentation because you are pegging your assets and used equipment to secure the finance.
  • There are no upfront costs associated with this kind of loan, you can take the loan up to 7 years and choose to pay weekly/fortnightly or monthly.
  • You can claim depreciation as well as the funding is tax-deductible.
  • It gives your business way to fulfill new contracts with limited investment and assist them in getting right back on the track with growth, development, and profits.

Used asset and equipment finance is flexible and suitable for all kinds of enterprises. Anyone from a registered company and a contractor to a sole trader can access funding without any restrictions on trading time.

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How Can Broc Finance Help?

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Broc Finance is one of the fastest growing finance brokers serving Australian small businesses. We have the experience of facilitating a wide variety of business financing solutions, including used asset and equipment finance for our clients, who mostly hail from the SME sector.

Over the years, we have built a robust network of asset finance lenders, all credible and vouched for, and we connect our clients with them after assessing the business financing needs and conditions of the latter. No matter what your financial situation may be, whether you are a startup company with a trading history of 1 day, have a bad credit score, or maybe financial documents are inadequate, we can work out a way so that you can get the funding you need. 

For more information on used assets and equipment finance, reach out to our experts who will be able to guide you appropriately.  

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