Business Vehicle Finance

What are Business Vehicle Loans in Australia?

Enterprises and sole traders often find the need to buy a vehicle for a myriad of business purposes. However, what does one do with insufficient funds to buy a car? In such a scenario, a business entity can apply for business vehicle finance.

A business vehicle allows the borrower to claim GST against the car on purchase, denote the vehicle as a taxable offset, and claim depreciation on the purchase value.

Business vehicle finance is a fixed-term financing contract with a fixed interest rate. The vehicle you purchase using the loan amount will act as the security against the loan, even though you are the designated owner. The ownership rights allow businesses to earn tax benefits from business vehicle financing.

Our team at Broc Finance has years of experience in facilitating business vehicle loans for enterprises, big and small. We can connect you with credible lenders and ensure that you find the best rates and favourable loan terms to benefit your business.

What are the Key Features of Business Vehicle Finance?

Business vehicle finance has distinctive features, separating it from other forms of asset finance. Here’s a list of its defining attributes:

Business vehicle finance offers tax benefits to business owners and enterprises.

What Types of Vehicles Can You Buy with Business Vehicle Finance?

Here is a list to help you choose a vehicle for your business (that you can buy through business vehicle finance):

What are the Benefits of Business Vehicle Finance?

Business vehicle finance can benefit an enterprise in multiple ways, such as:
There are tax benefits like depreciation and interest claim on the profit and loss statement of the business.

How to Choose the Right Business Vehicle Finance?

A quick synopsis of the top 10 business loans in Australia has been presented in the comparison table below.
Chattel Mortgage 1-7 years Can claim GST, Depreciation and other tax benefits. Record of vehicle ownership on the business balance sheet.
Operating Lease 1-7 years Lower upfront cost, able to upgrade, potential tax benefits, no deposit required. The business will not have ownership of the vehicle.
Hire Purchase 1-7 years More flexible payments, potential tax deductions Full ownership only at the end of the loan term.
Finance Lease 1-7 years Balloon/Residual options, lower monthly repayments, tax benefits Running costs are not generally included in the lease.

*The information provided in critical information sheet is intended as a guide only. Please contact us for more information.

How Can Broc Finance Help?

No matter what kind of business financing solution you seek, Broc Finance will help facilitate your funding needs, including business vehicle finance. We have been actively helping enterprises replenish their cash flow, through diverse business financing means. 

Our team has an unscathed record of working with clients and businesses ranging from small to big enterprises, new businesses, and start-ups. Even companies with bad credit scores can benefit from our range of services concerning business financing. 

Broc Finance acts as a bridge between business owners and lenders, matching them up appropriately after assessing the financial situation of the business and its funding requirements. 

Seeking our help is easy. You only need to fill up a form online and submit it; our experts will reach out to you in no time.

Streamline Your Business Vehicle Finance Application

  • Quick Approvals for Loans Up to $150K: Fast-track your journey with our simplified business vehicle finance application process.
  • Competitive Rates Starting from 3.99% p.a.: Secure the best business vehicle finance with interest rates designed to keep your costs low.
  • 100% Financing on Purchase Price: Finance the entire value of your vehicle and preserve your capital.
  • Flexible Terms from Day One: With no minimum trading time required, we cater to businesses at every stage.
  • Loan Terms Up to 7 Years: Spread your payments comfortably over time, with options for balloon payments to reduce monthly outlays.

What Our Clients Say

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Ajay Kanumuri
Ajay Kanumuri
I would strongly recommend. Saroj Shah helped to get my loan with in span of three days. He was very supportive and clearly explained the loan process.
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Abhishek Chhugani
Wonderful service by Saroj. Took care of my requirements for business loan. Turnaround time from application to disbursement was 2 days.
Atulkumar Patel
Atulkumar Patel
I don't want to miss this opportunity to say About Saroj Work that he just made it impossible job into possible , I have got loan of 1.5 million event though I have very low credit score . Great work , and highly recommend for any kind of loan issues.
jas singh
jas singh
Great services, great effort by Saroj.
Michael Banabakis
Michael Banabakis
Easy to deal with and nothing was a problem!!
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Liesel Collings
The broker was super helpful and understanding. He knew I needed the loan in a rush and got me the best deal possible.
Aghar Tefera
Aghar Tefera
Fantastic service!! Very nice & helpful staff!! I had the best experience and got things done promptly and professionally! Thank you Broc Finance 😊!!
Nejatali Rotivand Ghiasvand
Nejatali Rotivand Ghiasvand
Very professional and always there to help you
Khanyi Moyo
Khanyi Moyo
Thank you. This was a great experience with a team that takes time to ask what your needs are then help you find the best deal.
Mai Yang
Mai Yang
Absolutely wonderful service! Saroj was amazing with keeping us up to date with our loan application which was approved quickly without any hassle. I would definitely recommend Broc Finance!

FAQ's About Invoice Discounting

Once you reach out to us, we spare no time to assess your financial condition and other business details to match you with the right lender. You can get approval in as low as 24 hours and consecutively access funds. 

You can be eligible for a business vehicle finance if you intend to use the car at least 51% of the time for business purposes. 

The interest rates against business vehicle finance vary from case to case. You will have to provide details to our experts so they can get the best interest rates for you from a credible lender. 

Yes, that is possible. Over the years, we have helped many businesses with bad credit history get business financing with favourable terms and interest rates. Reach out to our experts for details. 

We will work with you

to overcome approval related hurdles

by getting your asset finance, property finance and unsecured business loans, without the frustrations of the bank process.