Plant and Machinery Finance

What is Plant and Machinery Finance?

Enterprises in manufacturing, mining, aviation, construction, energy, rail, and agriculture, often deal with heavy equipment or machinery to execute their day-to-day operations seamlessly. However, these machines or equipment are expensive, whether you buy them or lease them. If you don’t have enough capital strength or funding to buy the equipment that enables you to accomplish your growth goals, then plant and machinery finance is the best way to acquire them.

It is a form of business financing that allows enterprises to secure funding for buying heavy industrial equipment to streamline day-to-day operations and yield growth. Plant and machinery finance can be used to buy a wide range of equipment.

If you are a business owner looking for favourable loan terms and interest rates for plant and machinery finance, then Broc Finance can help. We are a leading finance broker in Australia for plant and machinery finance, offering our financing expertise to businesses hailing from varied sectors. We connect business owners with the top lenders within the country’s capital structure. We enable enterprises to secure seamless business financing to buy machinery and equipment of all forms and sizes to befit the specific business requirements.

What falls under Plant and Machinery Finance?

Plant and machinery finance serves its purpose across multiple industries. Here is a list of equipment and machinery you can buy using this business financing.

1. Earthmoving and Construction

Enterprises involved in earthmoving, construction, and similar activities need high-quality equipment and industry-grade machinery to execute the job with finesse for business growth and success. With the right machinery at your disposal, you can win tenders and construction contracts, increasing your revenue. Our team has expertise in arranging financing for buying equipment directly related to heavy-duty jobs like construction and earthmoving. We can help facilitate a loan for:

2. Mining

The nature of mining as a job requires knowledge about the industry, even when you are acquiring mining equipment. A professional who understands how the mining industry works, what kind of equipment is needed for underground mining and surface mining, and what is difference between the equipment used for specific jobs, can help you better when facilitating financing solutions. Broc Finance understands the ins and outs of the mining sector, and hence can facilitate financing for the following, and more:

3. Agriculture

The concern about financing for an enterprise involved in agriculture is that a lot depends on the harvesting schedule, especially when you are planning a repayment schedule. It is favorable for the farmer or Agri business owner to structure the payments after harvest season. Since we have thorough knowledge about the seasonal demands, we can help. Broc Finance can deliver financing solutions for the following while promising a seamless experience.

4. Transport

Transport businesses need to upgrade their machinery and equipment from time to time, which can be quite expensive. When confronted with such a dilemma Broc Finance comes to your rescue with extensive industry knowledge, and the ability to facilitate financing with competitive rates and favorable terms for the following:

5. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry spans across multiple specializations and sub-sectors. One of the common demands these organizations have is custom machinery to seamlessly execute the manufacturing operations. Such equipment can be quite costly, but don’t worry; we are here to help you with flexible financing solutions. With our expertise and facilitation skills, it will be easy for you to source the funds and buy;

You can also buy equipment used for, forestry, retail and hospitality, and healthcare sectors, all of which demand costly and at times bespoke machinery. Our team comprises of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are well versed with the complexities of these sectors. Hence, we can offer you the best financing solutions for your machinery buying needs.

What are the Salient Features of Plant and Machinery Finance?

The plant and machinery finance is defined by a specific set of attributes explained herein
At Broc Finance, you get to leverage all these financing features when applying for it. We connect you with the most compatible lender with the best loan terms.

How Can Broc Finance Help?

Want to develop a long-lasting relationship with the leading financing experts in Australia? Broc Finance can help! We have decades of experience under our belt and successful case studies of facilitating loans for business owners in a financial fix. We are always available for our clients and can save significant time and effort, matching you with the right lender. Professionals at Broc Finance take care of the loan application process mediating between all parties involved to ensure that you have the best business financing experience. We help businesses grow in prominence and scale success with easy solutions for plant and machinery finance.

Why Choose Broc Finance?

For more information do not hesitate to reach out to us for expert consultation.

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Ajay Kanumuri
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Abhishek Chhugani
Wonderful service by Saroj. Took care of my requirements for business loan. Turnaround time from application to disbursement was 2 days.
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Atulkumar Patel
I don't want to miss this opportunity to say About Saroj Work that he just made it impossible job into possible , I have got loan of 1.5 million event though I have very low credit score . Great work , and highly recommend for any kind of loan issues.
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jas singh
Great services, great effort by Saroj.
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Michael Banabakis
Easy to deal with and nothing was a problem!!
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Liesel Collings
The broker was super helpful and understanding. He knew I needed the loan in a rush and got me the best deal possible.
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Aghar Tefera
Fantastic service!! Very nice & helpful staff!! I had the best experience and got things done promptly and professionally! Thank you Broc Finance 😊!!
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Nejatali Rotivand Ghiasvand
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Khanyi Moyo
Thank you. This was a great experience with a team that takes time to ask what your needs are then help you find the best deal.
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Mai Yang
Absolutely wonderful service! Saroj was amazing with keeping us up to date with our loan application which was approved quickly without any hassle. I would definitely recommend Broc Finance!

FAQ's About Plant and Machinery Finance

You do not necessarily need to pay a deposit to get machinery finance. We can get up to 100% finance on eligible plants and machinery for eligible businesses.

Yes, we have clients who come to us with a loan application for plant and machinery finance to medical equipment for varied ranges, makes and models.

We do not finance directly. Our team facilitate plant and machinery finance for businesses from a suite of 50+ lenders across Australia. You can access funding for an extensive range of equipment via us

The interest differs in each case based on multiple factors. Once you reach out to us and submit the documents, we can help you settle on an interest rate, favorable to you.

Even with bad credit history and low documentation, we have helped several enterprises secure plant and machinery finance. 

We will work with you

to overcome approval related hurdles

by getting your asset finance, property finance and unsecured business loans, without the frustrations of the bank process.