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Trusted Small Business Loans in Sydney

A small business loan is a type of business financing that offers a one-time cash advance in return for fixed-rate future principal and interest payments. They are designed to improve your company’s financial status. Given the nature and size of small enterprises, there are daily, weekly, and fortnightly repayment choices, which makes repaying very convenient.

Small company loans are available in a variety of formats and work with many different business structures. There will be one that fits your business objective, whether you are looking to launch a venture in which you have always had a keen interest, evaluating a fascinating chance to grow your firm, or just trying to recover from a seasonal setback.

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Tajinder Kumar
Tajinder Kumar
For those seeking a trustworthy and dependable financial broker, I would like to recommend Broc Finance. While their fees may be slightly higher compared to other brokers, I found that their personalized approach made it worth it. Broc Finance took the time to understand my specific needs and goals and tailored their services accordingly. Additionally, their prompt availability to answer any questions or concerns was greatly appreciated. Overall, if you're in search of comprehensive and professional financial advice, Broc Finance is an excellent option to consider.
Darren Woodward
Darren Woodward
Saroj and his team are excellent in helping , nothing is to hard and communications at the highest level .
Scott Filby
Scott Filby
Excellent experience with the service of Saroj! He did all the hard work and helped me find what I required. Saroj offered excellent suggestions and went the extra mile with his advice, which won my respect and helped in achieving the outcome required.
Jeshua De leon
Jeshua De leon
The Broc Finance really helped make our financing needs quick and easy, would 100% recommend them!
Anju Gupta
Anju Gupta
Excellent service, smooth and fast! Saroj is very efficient, got better rates than market. Thanks Broc Finance.
Brendan Diamond
Brendan Diamond
Saroj was great to deal! He knew which lender was best for our situation and delivered when we needed it most. Would recommend him sure. Thanks!
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson
Saroj and his team were great. Always there to answer any questions. Definitely recommend. 👍
Jacky Zhang
Jacky Zhang
the irish shop
the irish shop
Sarog, We would like to thank you for your support when we required additional funding to move our business forward. Although it was not an enormous amount , you showed a willingness to listen and support our needs where others didn't think it was worth their while. We thank you for your support and professional advice that got us to the result that we wanted. I thoroughly recommend you to anyone that is looking for real professional help when looking to fund their business further. Thank you.
Carolyn Kalomiris
Carolyn Kalomiris
Thank you Saroj,, Very helpful, you have helped make my dream come true ,, I now have an amazing Cafe opening soon, great communication, efficient, and professional all the way ….. Much appreciate your help with my fiancé Happy Customer

Documents Needed And How To Apply For Small Business Loan in Sydney

Loan Amount$5k to $500k worth of loans
Term3 months – 36 months Duration
Can be used for
  • Purchase goods or inventory
  • Paying rent/salaries
  • The growth of a unit or branch
  • Modernising commercial spaces
  • Additional needs for working capital
SecuritySecurity is not necessary
Pre-Approval TimeTime for Pre-Approval: 2-4 hours
Unconditional Approval and Settlement Time24 hours – 72 hours
Low Doc Approval and Documents required
  • $150,000 Maximum Basis
  • Bank statements over the past six months
  • A valid form of identification
Full Doc Approval
  • More than $150,000 basis additional docs
  • Financial statements
  • ATO statement
Interest RatesStarts from 5.5% p.a.
  • No risk of losing asset
  • Quick funding process
  • Least documentation

*The information provided in critical information sheet is intended as a guide only. Please contact us for more information.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be approved for a small-business loan in Sydney, you must fulfil the following circumstances:

  • Maintain your ABN in good standing
  • Be in business for at least six months
  • Bring in at least $5,000 each month.
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How do I apply for an Small Business Loan in Sydney?

Easy steps to apply for small business loans in Sydney:

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Get in touch with us

The process may be started by choosing the “Get an Indicative Quotation” button or by dialling (130) 253-3411. The data you provide will be acquired over the phone or online by one of our representatives who provide customer service.

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The application procedure

After completing your initial application, our lending advisor will get in touch with you to go over your financial circumstances and general state of your company.



Following the personal meeting, we will relay the details to our reputable lending partners and negotiate on your behalf to find the most suitable loan programme for you.

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Transfer of Funds

Once approved, we will send you a loan agreement that needs to be signed before we are allowed to release the funds. It can take up to 24 hours to move the money.

You will receive expert assistance throughout the loan application process, we promise.

You will receive professional service throughout the loan application process, we promise.