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Frequently Asked Questions

A finance broker is a middleman between the business loan borrower and the lender who completes all the documentation and formalities on behalf of the borrower starting from submitting the application until the final approval.

Our service is generally free of cost to the customer as we get a one off or trail commission paid from the lender on approval of the loan. Instances where we charge the brokerage fees, we communicate in advance to the customer.

Finance brokers like us have the expert knowledge of all the loan products offered in the industry along with its pros and cons and can very well guide the customers with pros and cons for each loan and find a tailor-made solution as per your business requirement which otherwise could be a stressful and time-consuming task for the business owner.

Few benefits can be listed below

– Saves time

– Gets the right product

– Gets competitive pricing

– Helps structuring complex deals

A finance broker has access to almost all the loan products available with various lenders in the industry. Hence, they can help you with the most suited business loan as per your requirements.

A finance broker is only a mediator between the borrower and the lender and do not lend the money. The work of a finance broker completes after your loan gets approved and settled. However, you may always require an assistance with finance in future and he can help you..

At Broc Finance, we endeavour to get the most adequate facility suitable to the business requirements of our clients. In most of the cases logged in through us, we try to get an indicative offer from the lender for our client’s consideration before proceeding with formal application and consent to credit check. This approach helps our clients to avoid unwanted rejections and credit checks which can significantly impact their credit score.

We would be happy to answer, if you have any other questions. Please contact us.

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