Borrow up to $250,000

Minimum Documentation

Daily/ Weekly/ Fortnightly repayments

Loan terms up to 36 Months

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Apply for Low Doc Business Loans in Australia

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Or are you planning to expand the existing infrastructure of your enterprise? Then first, you need robust capital backing to fund your entrepreneurial pursuits. However, acquiring business financing is easier said than done. There will be multiple hurdles blocking your path to fundraising, especially if you go to a bank or similar financial institution with a loan application.

Banks are cautious when approving and processing a loan application, especially from a new entrepreneur. They will ask for lots of documents, and if your inability to procure will cause rejection of the loan application. Here’s where Broc Finance can help you by facilitating low doc business loans.

Our loan guide

Low Doc Business Loans

Loan amount

$5k- $250k

Interest rates from

7.99% p.a.

Loan term

3 months – 36 months

Pre-approval time

2-4 hours

Unconditional approval & settlement time

24-48 hours


Daily/ Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly


Both Unsecured and Secured Options

What you need to know

Can be used for

Buying stock/Inventory

Paying wages/rent

Expansion into branches or another unit

Renovating business premises

Other working capital needs

Documents required

Last 6 months bank statements


*The information provided in critical information sheet is intended as a guide only. Please contact us for more information.

What you should know about Low Doc Business Loans

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What are Low Doc Business Loans?

Low doc business loans are popular among SMEs in Australia and similar to conventional secured and unsecured business loans. The main difference is that low doc business loans enable self-employed borrowers and small businesses to secure instant cash flow or business capital without the requirement to furnish supporting financial documentation typically needed for loan approval.

Traditional financial institutions like banks require financial statements, proof of income, tax returns, etc., for background checks. They need the documents to assess the viability of the business for loan approval. Lack of documentation often becomes an issue with small business owners, causing a strike for business loan approval.

Business owners are often confronted with financial emergencies, which demand instant access to cash. That might be a problem with loans that require full documentation. Why? That’s because it takes time to go through all those documents and process the loan, unlike low doc business loans that ensure fast approval in a matter of 24-48 hours.

Low doc business loans extend financial relief to new businesses, start-ups, and small businesses, helping them secure quick financing, minus the stringent trail of documents and long approval periods typical with banks. These loans can also help SMEs bolster their capital for business expansion, marketing investment, etc., or replenish the cash reserves in times of deficit.

Owning and running a small business in Australia can be challenging for an entrepreneur. Low doc secured and unsecured business loans offer fast and easy access to funds, accelerating growth and business development.


  • Bank statements going back last six months
  • Valid ID proof.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Low Doc Business Loans?


Access to business financing with less documentation.

Loan processing and approval time are quicker than conventional secured and unsecured loans.

Loan approval possible within 24 hours.


Probability of higher interest rates.

In comparison to standard business loans, low doc loans have a shorter term.

The borrowing amount can be lower than standard business loans

Who can use Low Doc Business Loans?

When a business owner fails to meet the qualifying criteria for financing and cannot furnish financial documents, they can leverage low doc business loans. The ones who can use and benefit from low doc loans are:

  • Self-employed individuals
  • New businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs

These loans are popular among new and small businesses in Australia. They benefit from the fast approval, minimal paperwork, along with access to multiple diverse business financing products, and more.

Why does one apply for Low Doc Business Loans?

The purpose of low doc business loans is to fulfil the short-term financial requirements of an enterprise or long-term business expansion strategy.

You might need urgent access to funds to restock your supplies and inventory or use the loan amount to cover emergency business costs. Some businesses depend on labour and require sufficient cash flow to pay the labour expenses. Hence, they need a steady stream of cash flow to maintain suffice the labour needs.

There are other popular uses, such as:

  • To increase the business working capital
  • Balance seasonal cash flow deficit
  • Tax payments
  • BAS payments
  • Purchase equipment
  • Office expansion or renovation
  • Workforce expansion

What are the differences between Low Doc and Full Doc Business Loans?

Low Doc Business Loans

One has to submit bank statements of 6 months and a valid ID proof.

Fast access to cash through approval and processing within 24 hours.

The interest rates and monthly repayment might be higher.

Low doc loans are typically short term.

Full Doc Business Loans

One has to submit more than just bank statements and ID proof. Required documents include ATO, BAS, and other financial statements.

Approval and processing time is longer. Not suitable for emergency financing.

Interest rates and monthly repayment amount for full doc conventional secured and unsecured loans are lower compared to low doc loans.

You can apply for long-term financing by furnishing full documentation.

Case Studies

Low Doc Business Loans

Compared to the conventional secured and unsecured business loans with full documentation, a low doc business loan is often considered risky in the world of financing. But there is no denying, if you are a new enterprise with minimal business documentation, in need of fast cash, then low doc is the best cash-flow option. Over the years, we at Broc Finance have helped many businesses, especially in the SME domain across Australia by facilitating low doc business loans.

The following business case scenarios will help you understand better:

case-study1 case-study2

Case study 1

Grocery Retail Store

Business Overview



Trading time

3 years

Cash flow

Daily Eftpos

Credit history


In this case, the business is a retail grocery shop where in it generates daily EFTPOS income. There would be hardly any debtors in the business. The trading time is 3 years and there is no past credit irregularity.

Lender analysis

Low risk

Consider higher loan

Good interest rate

Thus, this business presents lower risk to the lenders considering daily income credit, established business with good credit history and hence, the lenders would consider a higher unsecured business loan exposure with a competitive rate of interest on this business.

Case study 2

Property Development

Business Overview


Construction Trading

Trading time

5 years

Cash flow


Credit history

Past Settled Default

In the above case, the business is into construction. The business would have limited 3-5 invoices per month and gets paid through invoices raised which generally takes 30-60 days. There is also a settled default in past.

Lender analysis

High risk

Conservative loan

Higher interest rate

So, despite trading for 5 years, the above business presents a higher risk considering infrequent revenue, long credit days, past credit default and greater industry risk considering frequent delays in work completion. Hence, the lenders would be conservative in lending and generally would charge a higher rate of interest.

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Niteesha Nagowah

Niteesha Nagowah

We had an incredible experience working with Saroj from Broc Finance. He is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and guided us through the purchase of our company vehicle with expertise. The attention to detail and commitment to finding the best possible options truly set him apart. Highly recommend his services for anyone navigating the complexities of obtaining a finance. Thank you again for outstanding assistance.
vishal srivastava

vishal srivastava

We have used Broc Finance over last 2 years for various business line of credits and vehicle loan. Broc finance have been very professional in this journey. They have understood our needs as business and catered the solutions as per requirement . They look around in market and get one the best financial solution for the business be at vehicle of line of credits . I would strongly recommend the business for there services
Nasir sabiry

Nasir sabiry

Thank you very much in helping me with financing a car SAS. You have been very professional and responsive every time I needed information. Fully recommend to any looking to finance a car.
Ajay Kanumuri

Ajay Kanumuri

I would strongly recommend. Saroj Shah helped to get my loan with in span of three days. He was very supportive and clearly explained the loan process.
Atulkumar Patel

Atulkumar Patel

I don't want to miss this opportunity to say About Saroj Work that he just made it impossible job into possible , I have got loan of 1.5 million event though I have very low credit score . Great work , and highly recommend for any kind of loan issues.
Tajinder Kumar

Tajinder Kumar

For those seeking a trustworthy and dependable financial broker, I would like to recommend Broc Finance. While their fees may be slightly higher compared to other brokers, I found that their personalized approach made it worth it. Broc Finance took the time to understand my specific needs and goals and tailored their services accordingly. Additionally, their prompt availability to answer any questions or concerns was greatly appreciated. Overall, if you're in search of comprehensive and professional financial advice, Broc Finance is an excellent option to consider.
Scott Filby

Scott Filby

Excellent experience with the service of Saroj! He did all the hard work and helped me find what I required. Saroj offered excellent suggestions and went the extra mile with his advice, which won my respect and helped in achieving the outcome required.
Mai Yang

Mai Yang

Absolutely wonderful service! Saroj was amazing with keeping us up to date with our loan application which was approved quickly without any hassle. I would definitely recommend Broc Finance!

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Frequently asked questions

Generally, all the business with an active ABN is eligible for either a secured or unsecured low doc business loan.

Low doc business loans need minimal financial documents for a business background check. These loans are designed for small or new business owners who cannot procure extensive financial documentation as often demanded by traditional banks.

The benefits of low doc business loans are:

  • Quick access and approval of financing for small businesses
  • No need for any security or collateral to apply for the loan.
  • No need to provide extensive financial documentation for the loan approval.
  • Seamless loan application process and access to multiple credible private lenders through Broc Finance.

Since it is a low doc business loan, you would only need:

  • A valid ID proof
  • Bank statements of last six months.

However, every business is different, and so is their requirement. In case of any additional documentation, our loan experts will inform you. 

It is possible to get approval for low doc business loans with a low credit score. We have empanelment with a wide network of credible lenders across Australia who can help solve your financing woes. However, in that case, there might be alterations in standard loan terms, loan amount, and interest rates.